You Can Embed a PayPal Button on a Custom Facebook Fan Page Welcome Tab (In a Static FBML Page) – ARTICLE UPDATED 4/25/2012 – Jason Elkins

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UPDATE – 4/25/2012


Static FBML Pages are gone!  They have been for some time.  To embed PayPal buttons on a custom fan page, we are recommending utilizing a product called myChaptr (

With myChaptr, you can create your own fan page in minutes, grab your html/button code from PayPal, save it and you’re in business!  It should take you less than 20 minutes if you have your code and a graphic ready!

Here’s a video created by a user on how to install myChaptr on your fan page:




Incorporating PayPal Buttons onto a Custom Facebook Fan Page Welcome Tab is a bit tricky. In fact our first attempts failed. With a standard HTML website or a blogging platform like WordPress, or Joomla, you can easily grab your embed button code from PayPal, drop it onto a page or widget, and you are good to go!

The reason you can’t simply embed your PayPal button on your FBML page is because a PayPal button is ‘wrapped’ in an iFrame.  Standard iFrames are one of the excluded functions within FBML.  (FBML stands for “Facebook Markup Language, and is the custom code that Facebook uses to create their fan pages.) Our guess (and the guesses of other internet inquisitors) is that Facebook made this decision based on security issues.

The Fix
Facebook DOES allow for ‘embeddable objects’, and after we made the PayPal button an embeddable object, it worked perfectly.

Do you really want to use a PayPal Button on your Facebook Page?
Even though several of our clients had an option to embed a PayPal button, they chose to link images to a ‘buy’ page on their website instead. In some instances they wanted their potential customers to be exposed to additional products or learn more about their company.
Breathworks Fan Page

In another instance, we worked with a company that had multiple products and was utilizing an e-commerce plugin for WordPress. Their website had multiple product categories and options, so it made sense for their images to be linked to a category page on their website.
Take One Film & Video Fan Page

We recently launched a custom Facebook Fan Page for an author/musician/pastor.  He asked us to incorporate a PayPal Button with his custom Facebook page to facilitate the sale of his new book. We also embedded a video testimonial and a form for booking appearances.)
Caspar McCloud Ministries Fan Page

You can embed a PayPal button on a custom facebook FBML page (or “Welcome Tab”) if you make the PayPal button an embeddable object. To purchase our video tutorial, send me an e-mail or fill out the form below. (The tutorial is $7.99).

If you are interested in having Transparent Social Media create a custom facebook welcome tab for your facebook fan page, please contact us here.

Here are a few additional sample pages.

Jason Elkins
Managing Partner
Transparent Social Media

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