The 7 Dirty Secrets of Entrepreneurship – Jason Elkins

I love what I do and I’m the consummate optimist.  Even when things are rough, I can find the silver lining… But there are a few things I wish I would have been more prepared for when I started Transparent Social Media.   I am listing them here, along with a counterpoint – the ‘silver lining’. Business owners talk about these things among themselves but rarely share them with people that are thinking about starting their own business. ... Read More

Client Selection And Killing the Elephant In The Room – Jason Elkins

Something crazy happens when you start your own business.  You become REALLY honest REALLY fast. Honest with yourself. Honest with your employees or partners. Honest with your prospects. Honest with your clients. At least that’s what’s been happening with my team. It’s not like I went around telling lies to everyone prior to starting a business  -  however your proclivity to telling the truth becomes heightened. In my past sales... Read More