Facebook + Skype Technology Video Chat = Win For Me and You – Jason Elkins

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I remember first I used Skype to talk to my business partner 9 or 10 months ago.  Technically speaking I was a slow adopter of Skype and was more interested in how this business was upsetting the telecom industry than I was in actually using their product.  However, after utilizing the service for just a few days, I realized how incredibly useful Skype can be, in fact I upgraded to a paid account.

I purchased the $2.99 per month service plan so I could call regular phones with my Skype account on my computer (or iPad).  You can set the ‘reply’ number so that your caller ID shows your cell phone number (I did that).  I like to be in front of my computer when I’m on the phone and typically use a headset so I can type project notes or research answers in real time for my clients.

Last week, when Facebook confirmed the video chat rumors integrating Skype’s video chat platform into Facebook, I thought “these are two great technology utilities that will be well suited for each other”.

3 Reasons Why Skype and Facebook Fit Perfectly

  1. Skype upset the telecom industry like Napster upset the recording industry.  Both industries have been different ever since, and both industries offered services and products that Skype and Napster offered for free.  Now, Skype and Napster offer paid services in the very industry that they set fire too.  Skype’s rogue nature fits with Facebook’s cowboy mentality.  Facebook has upset the advertising and PR community in much the same way, offering a channel for communicating to an audience that is free, fast and effective if used correctly.
  2. I use Facebook chat for personal reasons, but also many times for business.  It’s easy to discuss custom Fan Page projects or training with our clients when we are both on Facebook at the same time.  A chat window is a nice feature for instructions, and it will be even easier with a video.
  3. Facebook wants everything in the digital world to feel like a real conversation with real people.  You feel a REAL attachment to your Facebook community, and with chat, messaging and status updates, you can’t get the full range of emotion that you can through looking at someone’s face.  This video feature will really enhance the social experience in Facebook.

Have you thought how you will use this service?

I am expecting this to be a very large ‘win’ for Facebook, and they are already talking about a group chat feature.  I’m looking forward to seeing your face in my chat screen.

See you in the Blue!


Jason Elkins
Managing Partner
Transparent Social Media